With the recent news coverage of both gender stereotypes in the media and the emergence of a huge pay gap between genders, it looks like things are set to change!

Under the terms of its new Royal Charter, the pay of BBC stars earning more than £150,000 has just been revealed, the first time this information has been made public. The total figure of its top earning 96 personalities was £28.7m. However, only a third of high earners at the BBC are women and the highest paid 7 are all men, reinforcing the idea of a glass ceiling in the media industry acting as a barrier to women progressing to further opportunities in their career. Have you come across this in your workplace? Is this something you think is prevalent in media? With little knowledge of others pay it can be difficult to know, but with such a stark difference it appears things need to change drastically to bring the genders closer.

BBC Pay Gap

A clear gender imbalance between the highest earning stars at the BBC

With gender being top of the news in the last week or so the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have confirmed they will release new rules regarding campaigns that feature stereotypical gender roles. These rules will take effect next year and crack down on sexism within advertising, and focus on banning certain ads that encourage certain expectations of how individuals should look and behave because of their gender.

With the media focus recently so much on gender, we have decided to collect our favourite ads that broke through the stereotypes and instead celebrated diversity. So, here is our Top Three:

Pot Noodle – You Can Make It: Launched in 2015, the rather surprising twist at the end of this advert battles the typical gender assumptions viewers predict!

Sport England – This Girl Can: The campaign launched in 2015, and returned this year with a new ad! Aiming to overcome the barriers for women and girls in sport by ‘championing real, normal women getting involved in sport.’

L’ Oreal – True Match Foundation ’23 Inspirational Individuals’: This campaign really stood out, for being one of the first to feature men in a mass market advertisement for cosmetics! Alongside a new tagline, L’Oreal is paving the way to embrace diversity in the beauty industry.